Nova Casper’s Biography…

A professional artiste with 26 years of experience in entertainment, Nova progressed from international singer/ dancer to bill-topping, cabaret star, and on to premier league tribute artiste.

A Skilled vocal coach and backing singer to many stars such as Gloria Gaynor, Nova has also been a recording session vocalist backing stars such as; Lulu, Bobby Womack, David Bowie, The Christians and Jackie Graham.

In 1986 Nova recorded and released her first single on Bluebird Records, Billy Boy and Virgin.

Other releases featuring Nova include; Be Sincere (M.J. Cole, A&M, 1996), which reached No.13 in the national charts, Shine on My Time (Vinyl Flare Music Ltd, 2006), and South Central Diamonds (Subliminal Records, 2006).

Record Companies and Producers Nova Casper has worked with:

PWL, Virgin, EMI, Red Bus, PolyGram, Billy Boy, A&M (Island Records), Vinyl Flare (VFM Ltd) and Subliminal Records

The above have involved production by:

Andre Jacquemain, Colin Thurston, Pete Waterman, Tony McCauley and Tony Hatch

Nova Casper is a truly experienced performer available to thrill and excite any audience…..anywhere!!! Indeed, using this performance expertise, and professional skills in costume, make up and choreography, combined with an explosive identical vocal style to the lady herself, Nova has embraced and reigned as the best tribute artiste to Tina Turner the UK has ever produced.

Travelling the world she has had audiences gasping with disbelief that they are not seeing the real “Queen of Rock n Roll” in concert.

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